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Exploring Pucon by bike is an experience that combines the natural beauty of the region with the excitement of outdoor adventure. This charming town, located at the foot of the majestic Villarrica volcano, offers a unique setting for bike enthusiasts.

Cycling through its picturesque streets and trails allows you to get up close and personal with lush vegetation, crystal clear water rivers and breathtaking panoramic views.

Whether you are an experienced cyclist or an enthusiastic beginner, the variety of routes and trails caters to all skill levels. So,

hop on a bike and start exploring all that Pucon has to offer!

We deliver and pick up the bike at your accommodation!*

Our Gravel bikes are the perfect bike to go and explore Pucon. Light, comfortable, easy to ride and excellent perfomance on tarmac as well as on dirt road.  With its Shimano Sora 9x2 speed and 40 mm tyers is ready to take you for a fun ride.


1day: $20.000 pesos (U$22) per bike

Ask for discount rates for 2+ days.

Rental include:

  • Bike

  • Bike delivery and picked up*

  • Helmet

  • Lock chain

  • Complete repair kit

  • Small frame bag for nutrition and repair kit

  • Small bike backpack (optional)

*An extra charge may apply for delivery and pick up out side the ring of Pucon town.  The limits are airport to the East and Hotel  Antumalal entry to the west.

Rent a Bike.JPG


RESCUE SERVICE: You won`t be alone :) If for some reason you can`t pedal anymore and you are quite far from your place, you can call us and ask for our rescue service and we`ll pick you up and take you home.  

The rate for this service is base on how far you are (kms) and we charge per km. 

Rate: U$ 1 per km.

TRANSFER SERVICE: If you want to start pedaling at certain point, we can take you and your bike there and then pick you up at the end point or you can come back to Pucon by bike. Whatever you need we can help you.

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